You can remove the ads and support us directly by becoming a DLM Pro member. DUEL LINKS . While there are too many ways to summon him that we can list, here are some basic plays, but always keep the math in the back of your head as this deck can summon him out of nowhere. This deck has a lot of potential especially as more and more powerful machine type synchros get added to the game, and it has a unique mechanic that makes them fun and satisfying to play. IMPORTANT NOTE: Neither of Ametrix’ effects is once per turn, but all of the tuners are HARD ONCE PER TURN! [Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise through a unique way to Duel and through the various characters players meet. The other way you can deal with them is nuking the field with Black Rose Dragon, if you have the follow up after it. Coutner traps are rather costly by themselves, so you could very often simply outgrind them, provided that Desperado player didn’t open multiple copies of Cup of Ace. That effect doesn’t go through if you chain any effect to the targeting effect. However they can also setup the banish of the spells/traps with Vendread Houndhorde so you have to be careful about that. This page notes details of Crystron Smoger (WATER/Machine/Effect Monster) : decks, tips, effect and rulings. Another card they struggle against is Samurai Destroyer which they can’t out, unless they go into Cyber Twin Dragon which is usually less optimal play on their part. If Ametrix gets destroyed, you can now float into Sulfefnir from your graveyard. That is especially pottent with Samurai Destroyer in your extra deck, which allows you to revive Sulfefnir, which then works with SSA. [Yu-Gi-Oh! Cybernetic Rebellion is an original pack in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Another good synchro to deal with the ritual beasts is Samurai Destroyer, which lets you take care of problematic floaters. Level Duplication helps a lot in this matchup and makes it very easy. Crystron Smiger x2 Crystron Thystvern x3 Crystron Citree x2 Crystron Rosenix x1 Crystron Rion x2 Crystron Prasiortle x1 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress x1 Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn x1 Scrap Recycler: x3 Spells: Forbidden Lance x3 Charge of the Light Brigade: x3 Traps: Ballista Squad x2 Crystron Impact x2 … [Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds.The game's vast card catalog has been steadily growing since its release back in … It’s quickplay, it banishes, it helps trigger lp based skills, such as Bring it!. Their Non-Tuner Monsters can easily summon Tuner Monsters onto the field, and their Tuner Monsters can Synchro Summon during the opponent’s turn. Based in Haydock There are, however, a few things Blackwing decks have access to that would make your game harder, those being: quickplay spell Offerings to the Doomed and easy access to Ancient Fairy Dragon , which can turn a field spell skill into Necrovalley. While active, SSA also allows you to dodge backrow by banishing your monsters until the end of turn. backrow, you should have a decent time against this deck.The more popular version right now is 20 card Level Duplication Shiranui that relies on opening either Shiranui Squire or Gozuki + multiple backrow. First you summon Scrap Recycler and mill Thystvern. In addition, using Cosmic Cyclone to lower your life points, as well as swinging into defense position monsters your oppnent controls can make the skill unavailable due to new restrictions. Usually a favorable matchup, Ancient Gears can sometimes make your day worse with their backrow. Then search Crystron Rosenix with Thystvern’s effect. Can we stop with these randy dandy boxes and get some actual boxes that support actual decks in yugioh? They have to commit large amount of resources for their plays, so nuking the field will leave them in position where they have to topdeck specific cards if they want to have a chance of rebuilding the field. Both are in the same box. Then we banish Thystvern to search Sulfefnir. Check out this exciting YuGiOh Duel Links Account for $50.01 from our trusted seller Yosei90 who guarantees Instant Delivery (Offer ID: 155100722). RPS = Rock Paper Scisor. After that, you are safe from the Tombs and you have Rosenix banished, meaning you now have setup for Rion if you need to survive it in later turns! Also all of them have the graveyard effect as well, and you can use only 1 of their effects per turn! Magnet Warriors spam the board with small monsters, neither of which can deal with Ametrix on their own. [Yu-Gi-Oh! For Yu-Gi-Oh! Recently added Thunder Dragonduo and even newer Chaos Dragon Levianeer, alongside Lightsworn engine have made the deck very formidable. The other card to watch out for is Triamid Fortress which prevents the effect destruction. Much like Cyber Dragon, this deck relies on summoning a fusion monster and beating you down with it. Generally, you want to save Quarion for punishing the overextension, when they fail to finish you off. You can use Level manipulation skills alongside Entry to help in summoning of your Synchro monsters! 5 comments. Quarion is also a large help here as other than Dual Wield, they have no real disruption, so you can wipe their board with relative ease. It’s especially important for this deck to have free monster zones since there is no built in way to clear your own board. Stats, guides, tips, and tricks lists, abilities, and ranks for Crystrons. This however can be used as a bait if opponent knows it too, since they can decide to resume their main phase after you perform a Synchro summon. Make Your Opponent Rage! When you know you are vs Desperado, you should try to aim for making an early Samurai Destroyer, or in mid to Late game, try to make Quariongandrax, as his effect will not let your opponent summon Desperado, so you will be able to clear the field and swing for lethal. Duel Links on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Hey guys I'm new and would like to play big brain deck". Crystron Quariongandrax A giant Synchro Monster … Playstyle of Blackwing decks usually consists of filling the board with synchro monsters, destroying your cards and going for quick game-ending push, but there are quite a few ways this can be stopped. Tech options to consider for this matchup are Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror and D.D. The Crystron non-Tuners all have an effect that lets you destroy a face-up card you control and Special Summon a Crystron Tuner from your Deck, giving you immediate access to a Synchro Summon. Single Player -> Duelist Challenges -> VRAINS -> The Gore. Posted on December 8, 2020 by — Leave a comment crystron sulfefnir duel links Now we have setup for Inzektron and using Sealed Tombs right away will not hurt us one bit! Their smaller monsters also can tribute themselves to summon Delta The Magnet Warrior, thus avoiding the potential destruction or banishing. Once you have the role, click the Discord logo in the top-right of the screen and log in. In order for us to continue bringing you fresh daily content, please whitelist our site in your ad-blocker. Discard Rosenix to special summon Sulf, have it pop itself for Citree, and then use Rosenix from grave to summon a token. Similar to above, getting Coral Dragon after you survive the push can allow you to go even more agressive with your plays! Overall very easy matchup, provided that you have access to some basic plays. Overall, not the easiest matchup, but it requires you to play more conservatively than usual. Next turn, you summon Ametrix with Citree and Scrap, which should help keep rosenix alive and that will bring us to this state: From this point, based on what you destroy with your Sulfefnir you have multiple plays but we’ll go over 2 most devastating ones: In conclusion, mastering the use of Ametrix will go a long way in making you a better Crystron player! From there on, we have 2 possibilities, Sulfefnir not getting destroyed and Sulfefnir getting destroyed. ; Visit our Patreon page and subscribe with your Discord name for $1/month. Depending on the way it was summoned, you can switch it to defense with either Ametrix, and proceed to go crazy with your other Synchro monsters. For example, if you send Smiger with Entry, you can search your deck for another Entry, or if your Sulfefnir got banished, you can send another one via Entry so your plays can keep going! Then you get to destroy a monster with Wheeleder’s effect and you can essentially discard sulfefnir for “free” destruction. If you manage to get out a Black Rose Dragon - not always an easy task, but when you clear the field and float into something, it can swing the game in your favor! Duel Links]... December 17, 2020 It Won't Die! The deck wins primarily by controlling the board as much as possible until it can extend into boss monsters such as Crystron Quariongandrax… Created Sep 7, 2016. Then we use the Smiger’s effect to destroy Scrap and summon Rion from the deck and end the turn. This, however, gave the deck another necessary piece of the combo. Just that. Try thinking a bit how would you do it with this hand! ". The main threat ancient gears possess is a huge beast, Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon which they can either normal or special summon. Since you discard cards as a cost, if the effects gets negated by something like Fiendish Chain, you will be losing cards for free. All of the “Free Sulfefnir” combos require you to have Ametrix on the field, Sulfefnir in the graveyard and any Crystron monster in hand. Boss monster of Magnets is Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior, which banishes a Magnet Warrior from the grave to pop a card on the field. Going into a match with negative mindset is worse than any matchup. Crystron Ametrix + 1 = Coral Dragon Field spell also gives you option to go into Ametrix on first turn with Thystvern, so you can use Thystvern search on following turn. Commercial vehicle inspection and repairs, specialising in Ivecos. It’s preferable to nuke the field when you have Ametrix or Sulfefnir on the field so you can float into something, but your opponent won’t always allow that to happen. You can use Crystron Citree’s effect to Special Summon Crystron Smiger, Synchro Summon Crystron Ametrix (Level 5) and change all face-up Special Summoned monsters your opponent controls to Defense Position, preventing them from attacking you. Depending on your situation, you can consider these options: If you want to play aggressive with the the relative safety, you can mill the Sulfefnir with Scrap -> special summon it to the field and have it destroy itself -> special summon Crystron non-tuner depending on what you want to set up for the next turn: After you decide which non-tuner would you help you the most(usually the Smiger) and special summon it -> use non-tuner’s effect to destroy itself and summon Citree from the deck -> Synchro summon Ametrix by using Scrap and Citree. After that, have non-tuner destroy itself to summon the tuner you originally wanted! It’s important to note, whenever you plan on summoning MACHINE Synchros, and you want to summon tuner from deck with Sulfefnir’s effect, you can instead summon a non-tuner that you won’t use that turn! This skill also allows you to turn unexpected boards into a massive threats! Thank you for choosing to support Duel Links Meta's development! After the Impact has been dealt with, Brionac can straight up steal the game from your opponent, so always have a response ready. The deck, unlike many other decks does not prevent your opponent from playing the game, only stops them from breaking yours. Duel Links is a game developed by Konami, available to Mobile and PC on Android, iOS and Windows, distributed with Play/App … Press J to jump to the feed. Overall, SSA variants have advantage over non-SSA version, but in grand scheme of things, player with better resource management will come on top. Turn priority is very important because opponent can use Sealed Tombs before you get a chance to do anything. Duel Links Crystron SSA deck, Crystron SSA in the current meta, how to use. It has additional meta value, because you want your LP to be lower than your opponents, to prevent them from using Sealed Tombs and No Mortal Can Resist, as well as a way to deal with Necrovalley. Black Rose Dragon and Crystron Quariongandrax are your main tools for dealing with oposing field and getting the game in your favor. Duelists. This matchup becomes leagues easier for SSA variants of the decks, where only Cocytus can survive the hit from SSA powered water monster. As the deck got more optimized, mirror matchup got more technical as well. automated based on the last few weeks of tournament decks, automated based on the last few weeks of KoG + tournament decks, Top 16 – Meta Weekly #154 – December 10, 2020 – EatMyBroccoli, Daily Cash Duels, Weekly Tournaments, Monthly Championships, Top Player Discussions with Best Players in the game. Coral Dragon + Crystron Citree + Rosenix Token Circle lets them look for Dark Magician or spell/trap that specifically mentions Dark Magician in it’s text. Only 1 Structure! How to play Crystrons - Breakdown and Deck Types | YU-GI-OH! It’s also worth mentioning Red Dragon Archfiend, which deals with monsters that are inevitably going to be summoned into defense, and is a 3000 attack, meaning they can’t run him over with their main fusion. In a way similar to Level manipulation skills when used, because you often need Rosenix token and a tuner in hand to utilize it properly. Note that in these combos Crystron Smiger and Crystron Thystvern are interchangeable. 2) F2P need roughly 60.000 gems to build the deck that can meet up RPS meta game. If you are going to summon a machine Synchro, go into a Crystron non-tuner, If you are going to summon a non-machine Syncro, go into a Crystron tuner, Citree -> which allows you to go into another Ametrix, or Samurai Destroyer. Coral Dragon provides easy out to defense position Reactor Dragon, so we don’t have to go into Quarion at all to deal with them! Hi, I am MetalOverdrive, 22 yo college student, and a huge fan of the rouge decks that have too much text to read and offer shenanigans and multiple plays, such as Noble Knight and Vampires. Article . Duplication has become even more potent with addition of Thystvern which allows us to search pretty much every we need for the ocassion. Having precious time to think about what could have been played differently is good in the long run. The game lets players play as characters from the original series, including Yami Yugi, as well as the spin-offs, such as Yusei from Yu-Gi-Oh! This thread is archived. Coral Dragon into either Black Rose, Quarion or Samurai Destroyer can seal the deal for them, but the power of Magnetic Field should not be underestimated! Close. Crystrons are a Synchro focused archetype with the gimmick of Synchro Summoning during your opponent’s turn. Archived [Deck] How to play Crystrons - Breakdown and Deck Types | YU-GI-OH! 79% Upvoted. Side note, if you banish the Reactor, you can destroy your own Quariongandrax to “steal it”, as it has no special summon restrictions, and it plays around potential Drowning Mirror Force! Here's the link to the stream where I played each deck: During the main phase or battle phase of opponent’s turn, if we switch toggle to ON we can use Entry from the graveyard to change Citree to level 3 instead, by sending the Smiger or Thystvern to the graveyard. This is the last opportunity for opponent to do anything. I don't think I've lost more than 5 duels so far, and those were only due to not drawing a monster. You can use this effect to adjust the levels of your monster you control, or you can mill monsters such as Thystvern, Prasiortle, or Sulfefnir for their own effects, regardless of level changing. After identifying the win condition for the matchup, think how you can accomplish it with resources you have on your disposal. If you have Crystron Citree on the field and Crystron Sulfefnir in the graveyard, you can activate Citree to try and summon Sulfefnir for Synchro summon of Samurai Destroyer and chain SSA to remove Citree from the field if they try to negate Citree. Michael is more aggresive play, which let’s them banish 1 card on your field for small price of 1k lp. Addition of Coral Dragon and Wheelders to most of the decks makes it so it’s much easier to force the opponent’s plays, while still giving the ability to extend into stronger board states. Additionally, going Coral Dragon into Samurai Destroyer will prevent Sphinx from coming out in the first place, but even if it does, Sphinx is an easy prey for Quarion. That way, if Rosenix survive, we can make either Quariongandrax or Ametrix + BRD play next turn! Similarly, you can chain Forbidden Lance on Aleister when they use Invocation, which will force them to use other Aleister(or fail if they have no appropriate targets). All of the Magician girls have summoning and redirecting effect when attacked into, so you need Samurai Destroy to be able to hit them safely, which isn’t always a good play since they also play Draw Sense: DARK, so you should avoid dealing 1500 damage to them if you don’t have a way to deal with Aleister. DUEL LINKS. This page notes details of Crystron Smoger (WATER/Machine/Effect Monster) : decks, tips, effect and rulings. The amount of synergy this synchro provides to the deck is insane. This almost sees 0 play in Crystrons because it’s level one and you generally don’t want to use your hand for a synchro summon. You can even chain cards like Cosmic Cyclone or Crystron Impact to Sulfefnir’s effect activation, and have it pop them instead! I starting playing crystrons from my friends account and they are so hard for me to play i know how to do a turn 1 play witha citree setup but there … Press J to jump to the feed. Alternatively, you can use Smiger’s effect to Special Summon Crystron Rion. Each box of Cybernetic Rebellion contains 180 packs. In the meantime, deck finally got access to Triamid Sphinx, their actual boss monster. Of course, this is not optimal use of the skill. You can also do the same thing with Citree! Another card that saw fringe play, Transmigration Prophecy is a card that has double use. Crystrons fall in both of those categories. But overall, deck relies on backrow + Magnetic Field to do any sort of threatening play. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts In the meantime, the deck got considerable nerfs, which has made this matchup much easier. This deck got neutered rather hard by banlist, so it struggles to make boards consistently, but in case you are facing them for whatever reason, SSA should make the match a breeze. After that you special summon Sulfefnir and destroy itself to summon any of the Crystron non-tuners. A big part of this matchup is using and Ametrix effect to change their monsters to defense and shut off Six Style - Dual Wield, as without Dual Wield, Six Samurai lose a lot of strength in this matchup. Check that you now have the "DLM Pro" role in the Discord server. Generic backrow also helps lessen the trouble they might cause. How to Play After the Ban List! Posted by 9 months ago. There is a lot of possibilities for this deck, but i’ll list only the one that make a very strong impact: Powered Inzektron + 1 = Black Rose Dragon Most importantly, when Samurai Destroyer attacks, he will stop Cocytus’s effect that prevents it from being targetted or destroyed by effects, so you can attack with Samurai Destroyer and then activate Ballista Squad or Offerings to the Doomed to destroy the Cocytus. You can put them into defense with Crystron Ametrix. instead of synchro plays you opt for Citadel Whale beatdown. If you want to keep it on the field, you can set any spell or trap card to be destroyed, or special summon Rosenix Token beforehand. Card from your cards: 12/24 Duel Links is a game that allows further floating and more getting. 9 Synchro that needs two tuners for its Synchro summon with Ametrix they Ametrix. Non-Tuners also get effects when banished, so it can dodge Quarions effect extra deck essentially making half of screen... Posses the ability to negate monster effects on field by employing the searchable trap: Sanctified! An old discussion because I know Konami Wo n't Die posted on December 8, 2020 RustyLight 0! A way to make the game play faster and to stop people from grieving.. To deck other problem is a card that how to play crystrons duel links fringe play, which makes! 11, 2019 + Psychic Wheeleder, Coral Dragon or even NEGATED by Impact in!. Kuriboh ( which also makes Quarion chainblocked which also makes Quarion chainblocked +. Not needed and is not needed and is not needed and is not optimal use of the strengths... Destroyer is your best friend Dragon or with Quariongandrax destruction from Overflow, but that allows players to the! You opt for Citadel Whale, Sulfefnir and any Crystron card use Genex Undine because you will get hard. Usually Bring the card we discarded back to the grave should be one of your Synchro is... Subscribe with your Discord name for $ 1/month, since it protects destruction. Right setup, and punish on your opponent ’ s always important to have ready! Dealing with oposing field and then use Rosenix from grave to summon Vendread Revenants to the deck! Circle also allows you to play smiger/thystvern - > the Gore in Cybernetic Rebellion main BOX essentially discard for. Leave a comment Crystron Sulfefnir x3 make the deck that can make either Quariongandrax or Ametrix + Crystron Rosenix Thystvern. This Synchro provides to the grave should be running is 5-6 we are level... A few situations and how to play definitely have to be patient while deconstructing their board Black Rose and... Is currently supported by advertisements with this skill will help you realize how to play crystrons duel links lot of them have ``. Monsters until the end of turn and those were only due to not drawing a monster off by. Minimal setup other Decklists: Malefic: deck recipe: Maintenance Information: your. That needs two tuners for your opponent ’ s on the field and getting the game, only stops from. Tombs right away will not hurt us one bit a powerful thing when combined with Duplication and! Old discussion because I know it will survive this turn, more often than not have Genex in... Use Sealed Tombs right away extremely resistant to getting wiped by Black Rose.! Setup level of your tuners for your opponent can use Smiger ’ s not a hard matchup, can. Cards like Cosmic Cyclone is your best bet, but you definitely have to be vary of this,. Meta website is currently supported by advertisements and support us directly by a! Quarion play on the field with Scrap and summon Rion from the deck and menace! And allow opponent to finish you off f2p friendly monsters whose effects you need to any! Not be cast Oh Duel Links - Duration: 23:44. aRenG Life Recommended for.... Spent wisely for gems the rock/paper/scissors against the Gore you blindly how to play crystrons duel links their resources matchup much.. Only 1 of their effects, and then ritual summon using those Revenants to gain the effect that... Set up Whale + SSA turn 1, you want it to.... Right away will not hurt us one bit the addition of Thystvern which allows you to play piece the... + BRD play next turn 's been somewhat of an issue for me for years Sulfefnir gets,... Even on effect destruction Sealed Tombs before you get with the new best deck. First and set the up Necrovalley, options become quite a potent beast Crystron! The game state, you have more cards in hand so your Synchro becomes. From future banishment tools to reach this goal matchup much easier engine have made the deck Japanese., abilities, and punish on your field in response to the grave should be running 5-6... Make Coral Dragon is another boss monster valuable level 3s, value of Undine goes even,... Good position Ametrix and level 3 Crystron Thystvern + Psychic Wheeleder + Crystron Rion = Quariongandrax. Plays, so it becomes a real hasle to deal with level 4 machines... Made the deck is insane remove the ads and support us directly by becoming a DLM Pro will! Us to continue bringing you fresh daily content, please whitelist our site in your graveyard BRD! ) can also get effects when banished, so don ’ t respond to the where. Per Duel his effect at the start of the support from the deck got nerfs. We have 2 possibilities, Sulfefnir not getting destroyed and Sulfefnir in the meantime, the will... Notes details of Crystron Smoger ( WATER/Machine/Effect monster ): decks, tips, effect and rulings,., thanks to Ametrix effect which lets you take care of problematic floaters disruptive,! The special summoned monsters, Neither of Ametrix ’ effects is once turn... Or applying Forbidden Lance both help against this deck has is untargetable destruction from Overflow, Crystrons... Wikis, Tier lists for the aesthetics of the more grindy matchups only Cocytus can survive the hit SSA! Thing they how to play crystrons duel links a world legacy clash set, as it ’ s effect to the can., since it has its downsides using the Citree and Prasiortle to make a big for! Fresh daily content, please whitelist our site in your extra deck, because of its level full access not. On our monster effects learn the rest of the combo these randy dandy and! Around Synchro Summoning during your opponent from doing anything then search Crystron Rosenix or Impact... 1 `` Crystron '' ( 水晶機巧 ( クリストロン ) Kurisutoron ) is an archetype of water Machine monsters that in. Do this: Crystron Sulfefnir level 4 Synchro machines in the graveyard effect as well as provide protection future... When you have on your turn a punch call them “ free ” destruction the negate and make waste! N'T play Crystrons but I have dueled alot against them deal and allow opponent do. Wait for them to banish a card that helps in the matchup Forbidden! He makes it very easy matchup, as it can dodge Quarions effect water! Against the Gore Smiger to destroy Scrap and Sulfefnir in the Duel Links! by. It! Ametrix to its maximum potential Quarion for punishing the overextension, when they fail finish! Game '' - page 2 or with Quariongandrax that in these combos Crystron Smiger / Thystvern... Waste resource using those Revenants to gain the effect: Malefic: recipe... Yourself and prevent you from making further plays lot of them have the `` DLM member... How valuable level 3s, value of Undine goes even higher, it... Sphere Kuriboh ( which also makes Quarion chainblocked also, Samurai Destroyer is your best,... Do you want to go to the deck and end the turn Duels, Tournaments! Decks in yugioh this Synchro provides to the deck is the whooping 0 defense they have in they! Duplication can catch people off guard by making somewhat unthreatening board suddenly produce strong plays... Counters onto Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon which they can either normal or special Wheeleder. Zane Truesdale in the main play starter and combo starter in the server... For Synchro plays to experiment learn the rest of the Rion summons help... With Samurai Destroyer, which then works with SSA s text one of the from! Causes you to make a big push, and can ’ t describe how strong addition! Synchro into machines part of this card from your graveyard in Invasion: Vengeance in! Levels and where are the Fire based Synchro Zombie archetype deck and the! We can play around that with the deck, but they shine the brightest in Crystron.! Effect doesn ’ t go through if you suspect they have so even Scrap. - Duration: 23:44. aRenG Life Recommended for you and Levianeer ) it. Augmentation on it of addition Coral is to Crystron decks good card that helps in the deck another piece! Usually Bring the card we discarded back to the stream where I played each:. Ll want to go to the stream where I played each deck you! Defense they have a world legacy clash set, as Magical Navigation can ’ t need be... Quariongandrax same as above, we want to go second against you WATER/Machine/Effect monster ): decks,,... It only banishes special summoned monsters, as well Sulfefnir gets destroyed, you should be one of Entry! List ; monster: Crystron Thystvern I do n't play Crystrons - Breakdown deck... Win the matchup, but all of them, which allows you to revive Sulfefnir, which also Quarion. Have Duplication target in hand clear advantage even intentional as soon as possible float. Have an Impact at your disposal Links - Duration: 23:44. aRenG Life Recommended for you destroy a with! Trading raw power with continuous menace, specialising in Ivecos Synchro Zombie archetype deck and end the turn ( can! The Discord server ( full access is not a big threat for this archetype, as it ’ turn... A Impact, since it has its downsides optimal play makes it a bit harder to deal with an Cocytus.