The ground war ended so quickly once it started that they sent us home. Berlin August 14, 1961 to June 1, 1963 Bosnia (Operations Joint Endeavor, Joint Guard, and Find recipients of the Purple Heart, Medal of Honor, and other military medals in our database of U.S. conflicts, including WW2, Vietnam, and the Gulf War. The Battle of Leyte Gulf "Calmness, Courage, and Efficiency": Remembering the Battle of Leyte Gulf; The Battle off Samar: The Sacrifice of "Taffy 3" The Ships of TG 77.4.3 "Taffy 3" Presidential Unit Citation and Other Awards; United States Navy War Instructions, 1944; The Japanese “Hell Ships” of World War II The medals created and awarded during the Vietnam War were awarded by the United States or the former government of South Vietnam to the Vietnamese military and the U.S. military. Three medals were awarded for service in the 1990-1991 Gulf War: Southwest Asia Service Medal: For service in Southwest Asia and contiguous waters or air space thereover from August 2, 1990, until a date to be determined by the Secretary of Defense. The CAR is a big deal and I salute you all that have it. Coalition forces Argentina. I was an 0351 and don’t have a CAR. VFW ELIGIBILITY Campaign Medal Military Service Qualifying Dates Expeditionary Navy/Marine Corps Feb. 12, 1874 - Open Spanish Campaign Army Navy May 11, 1898 - Aug. 16, 1898 Apr. It was awarded to those who served or flew into the war zone between Jan. 1, 1991, -- the start of the air war -- and Feb. 28, 1991, when offensive operations concluded. Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (AFEM) A veteran’s DD 214 showing the award of any Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal is acceptable proof. Medals of America proudly carries official Vietnam War medals and ribbons as well as commemorative medals for veterans and their families. This list of military awards and decorations of the Gulf War is an index to articles about notable military awards and decorations given during and after the Persian Gulf War of 1990 and 1991 by the militaries of the countries involved. Medals of the Vietnam War. 20, 1898 - … Got out right before Gulf War I and got called back to active duty with the replacements. The DD 214 does not have to show the name of the theater or country of service which that medal was awarded. Kurth Michael M. Lieutenant Colonel Gulf War, 1991 Ray Eddie S. Captain Gulf War, 1991 Notice: Security, privacy, and administrative reasons preclude a complete list of awards recipients. Gulf War Medal with 16 Jan to 28 February 1991 Clasp front and back The Gulf Medal was awarded to personnel for service in the areas of operations in the Middle East. The war zone included Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Even tried to go over to Kuwait with my regular unit, Oohrah 3/9, but was turned down. The Gulf Medal 1990-91 Instituted in1992 for award to personnel with 30 days service in the Middle East or Cyprus between 2 August 1990 and the 7th March 1991, or seven days service between 16th January and 28th February 1991.