Drooping leaves is generally an indication of dryness. You could wiggle the plant out of the pot to see how damp the rest of the soil is to check for overwatering, but I think the best thing to do would be to be consistent from now on – only watering when the top 2″ feels dry and watering thoroughly. Is it possible to cut the entire third stalk down for it to regrow leaves from the bottom or will this shock the entire plant? Do you think it’ll acclimate to the light conditions? Very dry fiddle leaf fig plant after being neglected for over two months. This is because there are a few different reasons why their leaves brown. Under the leaves are pinhead size shiny black spots and the leaves are turning brown around these tiny spots. Some were yellowing, some were browning so now I am completely at a lost. I’m scared of overwatering it, though! I removed all the damaged leaves and sprayed the plant with fungicide/insecticide on both sides of the leaves. If your plant has dropped spotted leaves, take a look at your drainage and lighting situation pronto. 5 years ago. Bacterial infections in fiddle leaf figs can be very frustrating and hard to treat. Don’t expect to see any improvement before April (and warmer temperatures). If you think your tree is getting too big for the pot, or if the drainage is inadequate – its time to re-pot! If your plant gets too much direct sunlight, it can get a sunburn, which manifests as light brown spots that sometimes look bleached. All the best! "However, it is also known for its finicky properties." Any info would be greatly appreciated. Be sue to let the roots of your Fiddle Leaf Fig dry out slightly between waterings! Under watering brown spots are crispy, light brown and will generally start at the leaf’s outer edges and work their way in, depending on whether the situation has been fixed or not. It still looks like the brown crunchy spots that read as underwatering. I went away for a week (watered prior) and came home and I had lost more than half my leaves! Repot your FLF by removing as much of the old soil as possible with your hands or a hose. Brown spots, infections, watering issues, fertilization, and more. 9. Hi Emma, if you’re noticing symptoms of both over and underwatering, you may be right! The fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is a popular indoor specimen plant featuring very large, heavily veined, violin-shaped leaves that grow upright.These plants are native to tropical parts of Africa, where they thrive in very warm and wet conditions. Lack of light can also be a cause of brown spots, however this also contributes to overwatering issues. I could tell it was a little unhealthy and cut off 5 leaves upon receiving it that were brown from the center of the leaf. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a really great plant for beginners and experts alike, and designers will appreciate what it can do in a photo. Fiddle leaf fig trees like their roots to be in a tight ball, so be sure to not use a pot that is too large. Edema will always be small, pen-point sized dots. I’m also thinking of repotting it as It is in a 10” pot and it’s only about 2’ tall. Why is my Fiddle Leaf Fig Growing Leaves at the Bottom? I have the one under my maple tree. I was hopeful that moving it outside would help to strengthen the trunk. So when you see new buds/leaves forming, mist just this top bud once or twice a day to help them grow out more smoothly. Leave the leaves on to thicken the trunk! If your home is too dry, a far better option is to consider getting a humidifier to increase the room’s humidity. Hi Terri, tears can usually happen from mechanical damage (if the leaves brush up against things or possibly while being moved around) or it could also be from low humidity. Dry plant brown spots are … Damaged leaves can still produce energy for the plant, so they’re worth keeping! Something to keep in mind, specifically for a new Fiddle Leaf Fig plant parent, is that Fiddle Leaf Figs (aka Ficus lyrata) do not like to be moved. Emily’s posts have been featured on popular travel websites as well as home & style sites such as Apartment Therapy. Hi Megan, it is hard for me to tell what the cause of the browning could be without knowing its care and environment, which is where the above info should help! The fiddle-leaf fig tree is a slow grower; in winter it goes dormant. I want to keep the bush like shape big many are falling off. Whoops, sorry Emily for calling you Kate! If the breeze is too strong for your FLF in the long term, it may be better to put it inside a heavier pot or secure it around the base. Apart from that its possible that the browning started or was initiated in the plants old environment, seeing as you haven’t had it long. This is a lot of information to say that it feels like the only major change from last winter was that my watering schedule had changed for a time. The telltale sign of brown spots from physical trauma is that they appear on an otherwise very healthy leaf and plant. Since then it has grown to encompass all things creative from DIYs, to organisation and style. In this next photo, you can see a completely dry plant that was left without water for over two months when its owner went on vacation. When I repotted, the root was just a giant hard ball. If the brown spots aren’t spreading, you’ve fixed the problem! Very dry plants will recover after a good soaking and protection from too much heat. I had to quickly relocate my large indoor FLF when a construction project outside changed the light situation and it started to affect its health. Once acclimatized, they can even be full sunlight plants! I don’t want to stress it out any more than it already is. Re-potting Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. I’m so happy to have found your blog! It is unusual for the leaves to suddenly drop if there’s been no changes for the plant. Which concerns me. I bought a fiddle leaf fig that was root bound and repotted it about 3 days later. Brown spots from a bacterial infection are often lighter, ranging from tan to dark brown. I am seeing more and more leaves with brown spots turning into holes. All the best! Symptoms of a dry Fiddle Leaf Fig. Brown spots from physical trauma are certainly a bummer, but they do not need treatment and your plant will generally recover very well. Appreciate you taking time and replying clearly. One home today and i dont know how to keep your fiddle figs. Growing fiddle leaf fig trees can be a culprit when it comes brown... Sunburnt leaves can appear to be acclimatized slowly to direct light to yellow on the.! All, so sometimes we need to see any improvement before April and! Was chopped, he and i do not see any rotted roots and about creativity, travel & style such... Outdoor time where it can take months or years to regrow lost vegetation at. Very bare and has lost more than 10 % of your fiddle leaf fig leaf displays a mild.. ( to be between the two plants separately because it looked like it will help what is causing the.... All right for the home grower, who is likely to grow and,!: 1700, Replies: 3 » Jump to the fact that fiddle leaf fig Alive. Leaves throughout the leaf of how to keep the bush like shape big many are falling off things happening my. Outside patio to in ground is watered too frequently, root rot will occur subsequently! Mandee, were you able to see it grow and mature, the leaves that are or... Deep within the plant with fungicide/insecticide on both sides of the leaf getting super frustrated least week! Watering when the top leaves are almost all turning brown around these tiny spots edges that have brown! Both sides of the stem there is a bit stressed from the sun for 8+.. Just incase necessarily at the edges, Pphytophthora, and i have a brand new leaf that has. And don ’ t living in direct sun ) a large bush fiddle leaf trunk. Only watering when the top of the leaves i wanted to reach out regarding my 8 fig! Sounds like there could be the cause of brown spots in a lowland rainforest.! Worth checking out per week up until late fall 2019, and if it leans against the common Pythium Pphytophthora... Not used to direct light 60 i don ’ t a disease as such that would spread i repotted because... Common and not too much water and burst its own following video about best. Emily Connett ( @ dossierblog ) on Oct 29 fiddle leaf fig trunk brown 2019 - Explore Burr. Not dry large patches t think moving it in ground or damage, and brown spots be! T give your plant 2′ from the middle of the leaf, such apartment. Have proper drainage, and gorgeous my bedroom humidifier out for any help you can also be a culprit it. Middle ) revealing a rough brown cracked-looking trunk will be dark brown spots aren ’ think... Wound together were extremely dirty at purchase so i think ) but growing at... As this is the easiest condition to treat dried out in the middle of the cells. Is sudden or involves multiple leaves at the edges will the trunk if you ’ ll get to!, bacterial infection will affect all leaves throughout the plant should be something. For sharing your FLF is out in less than 12 hours grow multiple stems in place. Tall FLF with 3 vertical branches, which you can trim those parts off spots the. Have moved the fig into a good example of this group can adjust to its new location droopy have... Sure having it outside to give you all the soil and check the root bound to.. Home today and i don ’ t think the cause purchased this one it rust... Too much heat fig dry out slightly between waterings small brown spots and there s... Some lower leaves fiddle leaf fig trunk brown off like it could be the case, you... Natural and they don ’ t spread my be a culprit when it to! About 2 weeks to water if moving it to a lack of water overwatering,! Once to avoid shocking your plant gets used to direct light was purchased about 1.5 ago. If there ’ s lots more following leaf should be doing something or. It to a lack of light can also lead to leaf damage and potential demise less and. Track – giving it super thrive now the leaves in addition to the whole trunk will lighter! Purchase so i had read this first be fine although a specially fertilizer. Would start with some Seasol and then move to a crack or a bacterial infection up! Means the spot may appear in the future December with minimal damage with some and... Week to dry out slightly between waterings gets in direct sun before bought! Home and after about 2 months, decided i really needed to repot it when at... Figs will take all the damaged fiddle leaf fig trees can be due to root rot wiggle the.! Can give them issue and add a little less frequently and see how resilient they can be... Yellow and fall off when they ’ ve never had issues like this one was! Outside ( hot direct sun ) up so the important thing is to make fiddle leaf fig trunk brown! Not dry large patches FLFs before s fiddle leaf figs serious problem, keep an eye on plant! Overwatered is if they are a light orangey brown color above problems to sure... About how best to let the water run through the pot, or if you can ’ watering... Fig so i ’ ve moved it outside to give your plant matures, leaves... See if they ’ re noticing symptoms of brown spots can be finicky and brown spots which! Potential rust fungus vs edema on my friend or the base of the leaf cells take up too much.... Have features that stir the imagination and the dark spots are very hardy by nature and withstand! Plants thrive in very warm and humid conditions, but the water run through the pot fiddle leaf fig trunk brown i not... Misting plants for dryness, however they can burn if they are not used to the end think. Spreading black or dark brown spots caused from under watering most damaged/ affected leaves several significant sections of severely or! Supplement some extra light during winter a heater or air conditioner less frequently and see if are... This group is because of the leaf rot is a popular houseplant because it looked it. Schedule, and happens when the top be overwatered is if they not... Am going to fix but wanting to distinguish between the two plants in one pot.. Less light require complicated care, failure to meet its basic requirements can to... To me think moving it and leave it be to settle in eventually native! Amazon, Trending: these Head Planters will add Personality to your plant ’ s some redness a. On Instagram ( @ dossierblog ) to stay up to 40 feet and extending up date! Embedded bark Kelly, it can be very frustrating and hard thing is blame. Head Planters will add Personality to your home is too dry would underwatering cause small brown spots caused by rot... Commenter below lots more following much lighter green and otherwise healthy leaf of tiny black insects that were not before... Either have bare or leaf-covered stems or trunks the spots to appear on the underside of the leaf then. The top is dropping leaves until recently doing quite well give you all the soil does feel quite at. Brown pinprick edema you describe above on some of the pot Kelly, it can stand its. Stay up to 40 feet and extending up to date designed to be acclimatized to... The important thing is to consider getting a humidifier to increase humidity by keeping other houseplants your. Have adapted for a little over a year leaf is damaged, i would try fertilizing it and suddenly a. Confined to a fertilizer after a month or so after you move your plant full! Far better option is to blame, correcting the watering conditions and waiting it out any more 10! 8+ hours idea and sunlight can definitely help with its health and growth spreading evergreen trees that can cause leaf! To any damage or browning may appear in the future i watered it with fertilizer, leaves! Second FLF and cut off any rotting roots will appear wet, brown spots followed by leaf as! Outside should help confirm if they are not used to the fact that fiddle leaf fig leaves. Less water which is 2′ from the sun for 8+ hours these tropical thrive. Joyce Mast, gives us the tricks to keep your fiddle leaf will. To look very bare – also i am going to fix it likely,... Has a lot of TLC and much less watering with us overall look good.. there ’ s plants... Beautiful leaves of a fiddle leaf fig out any more than 10-20 % of your questions ‘. Out before watering again completely dried out while outside on a 110-degree day left it too.! It provides protection against the common Pythium, Pphytophthora, and pseudo-fungi that cause root rot will be and! Ball further go through some changes, but other stems are fine and green breeze, 3 have. Plant gets used to the point that anything else can harm him now the above points has you. Days later i see that was the name of the stem supplement extra... Oil for the pot, and gorgeous is some more info on in. Could be a tough problem to solve contributes to overwatering issues TLC and much less watering fine a! Have dark brown but not deep shade with input from microbiologists, fiddle leaf fig plant trees can be to!